Full Album | Jan Amit – Around and Above (2014)

This album has so much texture to it, it’s almost like you can reach out and touch it. It connects to your soul emotionally and takes you through the happiest of memories to the most sorrowful in the space of an hour, with an underlying theme of hope sprinkled in there for good measure. The stunning, story-telling piano playing links so well with those big, glitchy beats and lo-fi soundscapes (Listen: ‘Wait And Remember). The slight vocal cuts bring that human emotion in, along with the beautiful guitar melodies (Listen: ‘My Homeland). Jan Amit clearly has all the elements needed to tell some classic stories with his music production. We urge you to let him take you away. A must have for all ambient/soundtrack music lovers with a big heart.

Support Jan Amit

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jan.amit.music
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jan-amit

released 19 February 2014

All tracks written, produced & recorded by Jan Amit apart from “The Girl And The Alien’, which is a collaboration between Jan Amit & Noclu.


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