Full Album | Tunng – Comments of the Inner Chorus (2006)

Comments of the Inner Chorus is the second full-length album from the British digital-folk collective Tunng, and as with all proper folktales it immediately plunges its audience deep into the phantasmal wilderness. Led by the duo of Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders, Tunng operate in a world where women can be transformed into hares, mysterious wind-up birds make front-page news, and true love inevitably leads to total doom. It soon becomes apparent, however, that what might appear to be an untouched stretch of primitive forest is in fact Tunng’s well-manicured English garden, a genteel place where every microscopic detail has been carefully spaced and cultivated for maximum dramatic effect.

Review written by Matthew Murphy of Pitchfork
For more about “Comments of the Inner Chorus”, read:


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