Full Album | Causa Sui – Euporie Tide (2013)

Causa sui (Latin pronunciation: [kawsa sʊi], meaning “cause of itself” in Latin) denotes something which is generated within itself. This concept was central to the works of Baruch Spinoza, Sigmund Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Ernest Becker, where it relates to the purpose that objects can assign to themselves. In Freud and Becker’s case, the concept was often used as an immortality vessel, where something could create meaning or continue to create meaning beyond its own life.


Homage 10:08
The Juice 6:06
Echo Springs 5:06
Boozehound 5:20
Mireille 7:13
Fichelscher Sun 2:15
Ju-Ju Blues 6:35
Sota El Cel 1:40
Euporie 10:54
Eternal Flow 9:26

Causa Sui are a trio from Denmark consisting of Jakob Skøtt (drums and percussion), Jess Kahr (bass) and Jonas Munk (guitars, keyboards and electronics).



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