Full Album | Krusseldorf – Fractal World (2014)

Simon Heath with Krusseldorf-

With 30 full album releases behind him, he has gathered all his production techniques and ideas, from a multitude of genres, and focused them into a dreamy, glitchy, warm and comforting album. This album is also a tribute to all of his fellow artists that has not succumbed to the loudness wars and all his supporting fans. All tracks are produced for 24 bit playback with high dynamics and a lower output volume.

24 bit electronic psydub ambient chillout downtempo electronic music lounge psybient psychedelic psychill psydub trip hop Sweden
—–‘Another great album of melodic electronica from Krusseldorf with a lighter, retro-keyboard sound that builds on his previous CD. This should be big on Echoes.’ John Dilberto / Echoes

‘Warm, abstract and clever. Not heard his music in a while but this reminds me why I used to like it so much.’ Nick Interchill

‘Krusseldorf’s new album is pure bliss…so peaceful, sweet and magical, exactly the vibe I’ve loved from this artist since I came across his music few years ago. He created another beautiful piece with “Fractal World”…’. Suduaya

‘Deep ethereal electronica, that touches every emotion and thought.
The stuff dreams are made of.’ DJ Ipcress


released 21 January 2014

Writte, Production, Artwork, Mastering – Simon Heath
Vocals on Track 3 and 6 – Carolin Terzian


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