Full Album | Tribone – The Chant (2015)

Released By : Merkaba Music

Release Date : 01 April 2015

Artwork By : Denis Mareta & Lena Sokolova

Mastering By : audibleoddities.com

TRIBONE is the solo project of Israeli native Shahar Amit. A musical identity that crystalized with intentions of novelty, healing, and connecting to our roots.

His music is the product of inspiration and a quest for innovation. From the realms of sacred bass tones, exploration of mind bending sound designs, and roots in psychedelic four-t​o-the-​floor beats – TRIBONE began crafting a carefully selected elixir of ethnic world cultures and earthly nature sounds – And by that introducing the STOMPER genre in to the scale .

TRIBONE has released his music through Maia Brasil Records, Merkaba Music, and recently found his place in the Shanti Planti Collective, where he will continue to share his sonic creations.

Contact : Tribon​eoffic​ial@gm​ail.com


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