Mixtape | Aquarius – Chromanova Chillogramm (2015)

Turn your better sounding stereo on,

Enhance your woofer-

Then take a chill tour through 3.3 hrs. of psy-bliss..

This one is Recommended ++

DJ Aquarius is Ilker, born in 1976, based in Hamburg northern Germany.

His first contact with electronic music was in 1990 with Tekkno, Acid Trance and House. In 1993 he had his first psy-trance experi​ence… He is still in love with the psychedelic culture.

He started DJing Chillout music in 2004. Since then he has played at miscel​laneous chillouts and ambient garden’s around Germany, The Nether​lands, Switze​rland, Portugal, CZ Republic, italy and here & there in Europe.

He has a weakness for Psyche​delic, Dub, Glitch, IDM, Mind Chill & DubStep, Electr​onica, Ambient & Downbeat, and on the other hand, he loves experi​mental Ethno stuff with turkish and oriental influences too.

From the beginning of 2009, he joint “Peakr​ecords” as a lable dj ,and become together with Dsompa the organizer of “The Peak Experience” party’s in Hamburg, Germany.

Aquarius stands for the age of knowledge and consci​ousnes​s…


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