Mixtape | Nicolas Jaar on Resident Advisor

Kicking off 2016- Nicolas Jaar has released a brand new mix, celebrating Resident Advisor’s 500th podcast.

The 66-minute long mix was recorded in Brooklyn last month. Talk Talk, Keith Jarrett, How To Dress Well and more feature alongside a couple of tracks from Jaar himself.

Track list:

Kayan Kalhor & Ali Bahraini Fard – Between the Heavens and Me
Alva Noto – Module 1
Ø – Syvâys
ENA – Divided 10
Ancestral Voices – Vine Of The Soul
Lydia Lunch – Conspiracy Of Women
Talk Talk – The Rainbow
Lashun Pace – I know I’ve Been Changed
Terekke – Wav1
Angel – Dark Matter Leak
Barn Owl – Lotus Cloud
Keith Jarrett – You Don’t Know What Love Is
Diseño Corbusier – Chiquillo & Golpe de Amistad
Against All Logic – LKJ
Kobayashi Maru – Typical Male Behavior
Steve Reich – Come Out
AAL – Fourteen Steps To A Better Life
Angel – Out
How To Dress Well/Lorenzo Senni – Words I Don’t Remember (Original dub)
Skee Mask – Cylo
Nicolas Jaar – No One Is Looking At U
Terry Riley – Harp Of New Albion
Muslimgauze – Untitled
Marcel Khalife & Mahmoud Darwish – Ahmad Emerges From Ancient Wounds
Nicolas Jaar – Swim
Dialogue: $13 Opera For Peace
Sound of two orange-tufted sunbirds running into each other mid-flight (Inaudible)


2 thoughts on “Mixtape | Nicolas Jaar on Resident Advisor

  1. Currently listening now, interesting to see what territory this heads into. I see Talk Talk’s The Rainbow on here so that’s already promising.


  2. I am 8 minutes in and whilst I like Nicolas Jaar, I hope this random, pointless chat on the track goes away soon. If I was in a club listening to this what should I do, prop up the bar and wait for the music to start properly?


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