Dj Set | yule – c̈̈̈ ë̈̈ s̈̈̈̈ ẗ̈̈ ä̈̈ á̈̈̈̈ c̈̈̈ ï̈̈ d̈̈̈̈ ä̈̈̈ (2016)


Yule Mansur is a beat collector from Rio de Janeiro, I reached her through SoundCloud and asked her to use her set, she agreed and we got to talking.

she told me about Gruta -A music collective active in Rio these days, she told me of the increasing numbers of outdoor parties and the uprising of a lot of women in the scene.

Yule is mixing electronic music, adding African, Brazilian, Latin and Jamaican sounds by mashups, remixes and revivals.

“i’m starting to recreate some music, mixing samples, getting beats and vaporwave style into minimal and slow motion electronic music”



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