Full Album | Faun – Eden (2011)

Simply breathtaking. Nature in its audible form. A walk through Norwegian woods accompanied by fairies, dancing at the bogs. Love it.

The album covers many different topics such as Greek mythology, including “Hymn to Pan” about the Greek god of the same name and “Arcadia” which is about the region in Greece which allegedly was the home of Pan. Other songs deal with other mythologies: “Lvpercalia” is about the ancient Roman festival, “Iduna” is about the Norse deity, and “Adam Lay Ybounden” and “Golden Apples” both concern the biblical narrative of theGarden of Eden.

Some songs are adaptations of older songs and melodies. “The Butterfly” is an old Irishmelody, “Oyneng Yar” is an Uyghur song, “Polska Från Larsson” is an old Swedish folk melody and “Ynis Avalach” is an old Celtic melody.

Zeitgeist” stands out because it deals with the conflict between nature and modern society and not paganism directly. “The Market Song” is about the fairs and markets that have been arranged through the centuries and function as meeting places where cultures meet and ideas flow and is dedicated to the arrangers of FaerieworldsCastlefest, Festival Mediaval, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Mittelalterlich Spectaculum. The song incorporates elements from the traditional English song “Copshawholme Fair”.

It should be noted that the songs are heavily elaborated in the album sleeve where every song has accompanying lyrics, notes and imagery. The graphics for the sleeve and booklet were produced by English fantasy illustrator Brian Froud.[1] Some songs are referenced with poetry: Heinrich von Kleist in “Zeitgeist”, Kenneth Grahame in “Hymn to Pan”, Joseph Conrad and Ingeborg Bachmannin “Pearl”, excerpts from the Edda in “Polska Från Larsson” and finally Sir Arthur Eddingtonand Rumi in “Golden Apples”.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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