Full Album | melomics109 – 0music (2014)



0music compiles pieces of popular genres, composed and interpreted without any human intervention by AI Melomics109, a computer cluster hosted at the University of Malaga. The rest of Melomics109’s production can be browsed, listened to, and downloaded for free at Melomics’ “repository”. The pieces in this album, and all the production of Melomics109, are available in audible and editable (MIDI) formats.

Melomics (derived from “genomics of melodies”) applies an evolutionary approach to music composition- music pieces are obtained by simulated evolution. These themes compete to better adapt to a proper fitness function, generally grounded on formal and aesthetic criteria. The Melomics system encodes each theme in a genome, and the entire population of music pieces undergoes evo-devo dynamics (i.e., pieces read-out mimicking a complex embryological development process).[2][3][4][5] The system is fully autonomous: once programmed, it composes music without human intervention.

Homepage: http://melomics.com/

Youtube: Melomics Media


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