Full Album | Ra Djan – Anima Fuga (2013)

Ra Djan is a live-electronic musician from Tel Aviv – Kiev. His music is an eclectic mixture of psychedelic breaks, ethnic beats, shamanic mysticism and electronic flashes. Ra Djan fuses various sonic vibes into a motley musical canvas: tribal elements with modern synthesizers, live guitars with shaman throat singing, Jew harps and various folk percussions. The result is a profound and saturated myth of unrestrained crude energy, a unique emergence and extinction of moods and affects.
Short bio: Ra Djan is an experienced multi-instrumentalist with more than 15 years in music and his signature style in guitars and vocals. Band’s actual history started in 2010 when after a long journey around the world, Ra Djan had settled down in Tel Aviv. The first LP – “Anima Fuga” (2013) – was released with the bass drop support of the local producer Mishroom. For a short period, Ra Djan became duo and started a tour: more than ten concerts in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and Serbia on different friendly stages and festivals. Right now Ra Djan is a highly exceptional phenomenon on Israel psychedelic scene because of his unique multi genre style, inspired arrangements and wild spellbinding live shows.

2011 − Glass Bead Game (EP)
2013 – Anima Fuga (LP)
2013 – Zmok (EP)
2015 – TRIBE (EP)

VISIT: https://www.facebook.com/project.Ra.Djan/

Watch the most incredibly psychedelic Music Videos by Ra Djan:

CONTACT Ra Djan at: http://artistecard.com/radjan#!/contact


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