Full Album | Yaima Music – OvO (2016)

OvO means “seed” or “egg” and stands for the point in time or space at which something starts- the next evolution.

The Journey of OvO Begins in Winter.

“As the Wind Blows,
Soft Across the Valley,
These Seeds,
Carry New Dreams…

In the Winter,
The Seeds Remember,
Their Song,

Proceeds into the Spring & Summer….

“When the rains came,
The call to life began.
Reaching for the light,
Learning as they grow,
digging deep beneath
the darkest soil.

Finding Balance.

Recedes in Fall….

“Leaves they fall
All to the ground
Spreading their color
All around
A life fully lived
Whispers in the wind

And returns to Winter

“Start anew,
Begin again,
seeds are carried,
By the wind…


The Owl appears on the cover art as well as in the title “OvO” and represents the elemental energy of the Wind.

Owl stands for the truth and the ability to navigate through the darkest night by finding and listening to the wisdom and light from within ourselves.


All music for OvO composed by Yaima- Produced by Masaru Higasa, Lyrics by Pepper Proud, Instrumentation by Masaru Higasa & Jeff Kimes, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered with BURL gear by Jake Perrine

Album Artwork & Design by Simon Haiduk & David Heskin


Also Listen to their previous album: Peludicity-


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