Mixtape | Métron Musik 041 – Villa Diamante (2017)

An excellent new mixtape from the pioneering Buenos Aires based DJ, producer and ZZK label founder Villa Diamante. A mix that journeys away from his familiar mashup style to a more traditional and organic approach. Nonetheless those mashup skills are evident throughout this gorgeous set of folkloric Latin sounds.

As the host and resident of the original Zizek Club parties over a decade ago, Villa Diamante began his stint as a pioneer in the Latin underground music scene. His now famous mashup DJ sets brought new artists to prominence, showcasing their music to previously uninitiated audiences throughout Latin America and beyond. The Zizek events helped give a new wave of producers and DJs a platform that would only grow as the project gained momentum. Diamante himself was instrumental in founding the now internationally renowned label ZZK Records which was born in the wake of those parties and remains a foundational part of the Buenos Aires scene. Alongside these ventures he continues to DJ and produce his own music, his 2016 LP ‘Lanus Oeste’ is well worth digging up for a taste of his love for Cumbia and Hip-Hop.

For his fantastic Métron Musik Mixtape Diamante journeys away from his familiar mashup style to a more traditional and organic approach. Nonetheless those mashup skills are evident throughout this gorgeous set of folkloric Latin sounds. Transitions are seamless and when tracks play simultaneously they bring new life to the original compositions with each new selection complimenting its predecessor. It’s a mix that stays true to Diamante’s geographic roots, showcasing new faces alongside many of the prominent names in the latin electronic music scene. Rising stars Carrot Green and Nicola Cruz, whose reputations continue to expand beyond their continental homes, feature alongside some of our favourite past contributors, El Búho, El Buga, Barda, Lido Pimienta, Chancha Via Circuito and Kaleema. It’s not a huge leap to attribute some of these artists successes and flourishing musical careers to the foundations laid by people like Diamante who helped build the scene from the underground up. It’s a true testament to his reputation that when we reached out to his younger peers they were thrilled and honoured to be featured in his set.

The artist, promoter and curator’s passion for music clearly remains undiminished, with a new club night and ‘music lab’ ‘Club de Baile Villa Diamante’ growing by the day, it stands to reason that he will continue to support and showcase emerging and prominent Argentinian artists for many more years. Treating dance-floors and bedrooms around the world to fantastic musical moments.

Alejandro Lauphan – Gurisito Cosmico (El Buho Remix)
Mateo Kingman – Sendero Del Monte (Uji Remix)
Uji ft. Femina – Romper el Hechizo (El Búho Remix)
Kaleema ft Sara Hebe – La Pregunta del Millon
El Buho – Pavonine Quetzal
Nicola Noir – Yupanki
Nicola Cruz x History of Colour – Paruma
Coconutah Kaygee – Okilomba
Chancha Via Circuito –  Jardines (Thornato Remix)
Mario Agata – Onna No (R Vincenzo)
Los Incas – O Cangaceiro (Santarico Remix)
Kraut – Lentamente
Carrot Green – Encanto
Natalia Lafourcade – Recuerdo (Kraut Remix)
Rodrigo Gallardo – Hay que será del Sol
Mica Yeahman!
Tribilin Sound – LSD
Matanza, Sabo – Marimbora
Paloma Silencio Fértil (Matanza Remix)
Sonora Mercedes – Sosa
El Buga – Mini Conga (Larry SKG Remix)
Bebe – Busco Me (Daniel Zuur)
Jose Larralde – Quimey Neuquén (Planeta Loco Remix)
Simon Diaz – Garcita

Words & interview by Jack Hardwicke

Soundcloud: @villadiamante
Facebook: @villadiamantezzk
Artwork: Jack Hardwicke



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